Am I Saramago


A writing exercise: write a paragraph to a page with no punctuation.

It began with a long low echo of thunder footsteps of the Gods perhaps but certainly no mortals and then it started to rain big wet drops blanketing the wide expanse of open sky and earth then one just one could be seen tearing into view with legs flailing to and fro reckless abandon seemed his name and more followed with hooves like steel first a few then the horde in its undulating mass crested the hill and there they were in glory like a carpet of ants on the jungle floor but these were no insects these were stripes and teeth and thunder who could say what the threat was thought to be or how it began in the moment it ceased to matter for now all the scene was sinews and tendons gleaming with the downpour the two masses one from sky one from earth merging onto the plain of a desert so stark and lifeless mere minutes before now brimming with teeth and damp and thunder


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